Kendall Productions, LLC is owned and operated by Emmy award winning producer, Beverly Lindsay-Johnson.  

Beverly Lindsay-Johnson produced for television from 1995 to 2012.  She was a staff producer at Howard University Television WHUT-TV (PBS) and retired from WHUT to begin full time work for her company, Kendall Productions.  In addition to working for her company, in January 2017 she returned to Howard University to complete her undergraduate degree in Television.  She had not returned to complete the degree since 1980. In May 2019, she completed her Bachelor of Arts Degree at Howard University. 

Beverly Lindsay-Johnson received 26 media industry awards, including the 2006 Emmy Award for her documentary production, "Dance Party: The Teenarama Story"   (, 2012 Aurora Award for The Jewels: The Divas of DC Doo-Wop, 2009 Aurora Award for John Jackson: A Blues Treasure, 2008 Communicator Award for “Chuck Brown: The Godfather of Go-Go Music”, 2007 Aurora Award for WHUT’s Evening Exchange program with guests Rain Pryor (daughter of the late comedian Richard Pryor) and two awards for Evening Exchange with American Idol winner Fantasia, just to name a few.  (for a full listing see Honors and Awards page)

Beverly Lindsay-Johnson received a regional Emmy nomination for her first documentary "Swing, Bop & Hand Dance" (1997 Howard University Television PBS).  She received the  Central Education Network (CEN) Jerry Trainor Award for her contributions to public television. She is the first woman and first African American to receive this award.  

In her effort to preserve early Rhythm and Blues, Doo-wop and vocal group harmony, she arranges performances and public panel discussions for many of the artists who continue to perform today.  

She has received numerous community service awards including the 1st Annual Labor of Love Award as “Entertainment Promoter of the Year” and the "Community Service Award" from the African American Music Association for her work with preserving and promoting early R&B music originating from Washington, DC.  She represents nationally known artists as well as early R&B artists originating from the Nation's Capitol.   In 2008, she brought Doo-Wop music to the halls of Congress in a program sponsored by Congresswoman Diane Watson (D-CA). 

She currently serves at the Executive Director of the African American Music Association in Washington, DC. She served for 8 years as the President of The National Hand Dance Association in Washington, DC (Hand Dance is a contemporary swing style partner dance) and also serves as Community Advisor on the subject of music for the Bronx African American History Project.

(See Awards page for listing)

Beverly Lindsay-Johnson currently hosts the internet show "DJ Bev's Sock Hop Revue" with music of the 50s, 60s and 70s.  
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